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Oxford Dictionary of English FREE is your comprehensive resource to over 350,000 words, phrases and their definitions. The simple interface makes it easy to effortlessly search for and locate your English requirements. To streamline your search, and auto-complete feature displays the most likely results before you even finish typing. Included is the unique feature of being able to look up a group of words through the viewfinder of your device's camera. As a trusted source of English language words and definitions, Oxford Dictionary of English FREE is a useful tool. 

Basic Functions and Applications

One of the main benefits associated with Oxford Dictionary of English is the fact that more than 350,000 words are currently available to the user. It also provides regional definitions; ideal for those who might be planning on travelling abroad in the future. In addition to the total word count, this program currently boasts in excess of 75,000 audio pronunciations. The premium version of this software also offers rare accents and grammatical nuances. Four different themes can be accessed based upon the needs of the individual. A functional and intuitive interface requires little previous experience with such a smartphone application.

Additional Options and Tools

In addition to these basic features, Oxford Dictionary of English provides additional actions such as keyword searches, voice searches, filters to correct misspelled words and even a camera option to quickly look up a word contained within an image (ideal when out and about). There is no charge to download the basic version of the mobile phone app.

The leading and most trusted single-volume English dictionary is now available for FREE!

The leading and most trusted single-volume English dictionary is now available for FREE!

The Oxford Dictionary of English features:
• The most comprehensive coverage of English everywhere it’s spoken;
• The very latest vocabulary, with over 350,000 words, phrases and meanings;
• Thousands of words and sentences derived from the latest research of the Oxford English Corpus;
• 75,000 audio pronunciations of both common and rare words, including words with controversial or variant pronunciations.

Entirely revised and updated to include the most comprehensive and accurate picture of the English language today, Oxford Dictionary of English represents the authority of dictionary apps.
The current edition includes thousands of additional words and sentences, as well as up-to-date encyclopedic information.

Ideal for anyone who needs a comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of current English; for professionals, students, academics, and for use at work or at home.

This is a mobile dictionary with content from Oxford University Press and advanced search and language tools that have become the staple of quality language apps from MobiSystems.

SEARCH TOOLS – effortlessly find words using a clear, functional, and easy-to-use interface. The integrated search tools activate automatically the moment you start typing:
* Search autocomplete helps find words quickly by displaying predictions as you type
* Keyword lookup allows you to search within compound words and phrases
* An automatic ‘Fuzzy filter’ to correct word spelling, as well as ‘Wild card’ ('*' or '?') to replace a letter or entire parts of a word
* Camera search looks up words in the camera viewfinder and displays results

LEARNING TOOLS – engaging features that help you further enhance your vocabulary:
* ‘Favorites’ feature to create custom folders with lists of words from the extensive library
* ‘Recent’ list to help you easily review looked-up words
* ‘Word of the day’ section to help expand your vocabulary every day

* Offline mode - look up words without internet connection
* Audio pronunciation - find out how to pronounce words with integrated sound
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  • This program offers a database of more than 350 000 English words.
  • Users can adjust its settings to encounter the most optimal interface.


  • Accessing more advanced functions will require a one-time payment.
  • Oxford Dictionary of English contains numerous in-app advertisements and offers.

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